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Open-mesh PE scaffold sheeting that provides work-site protection from wind and rain while protecting pedestrians from construction site hazards. 


  • Open mesh scrim with HDPE yarns

  • Clear coating for non-FR products

  • Milky white coating for FR products

  • UV stabilized scrim and coating

  • Long sides and welding seams reinforced with webbing bands

  • Pre-punched holes in webbing bands for ease of fastening

Scaffolding protected with a plastic she

Fabric Options

  • Fabric Weight : 85gsm ~ 250gsm

  • Yarn Color : any pantone color

  • Coating Color : clear for non-FR, milky white for FR

  • Weave Count : 2.5x2.5, 3x3

  • FR treatment : FR6, FR 7 (CPAI 84)

  • UVI Treatment : 0~8%

Product Options

  • Tarp Size : according to request

  • Welding Margin : 4cm unless specified otherwise

  • Webbing Band : single width, double width

  • Eyelets : PC, brass, aluminum

  • Corner Guards : PP, PE 

Packaging Options

  • Poly bag packaging

  • Carton box packaging

  • Palletizing

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