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ITM is a subsidiary branch of IMS. The IMS group consists of :

  • IMS head quarters located in CA, USA with a 20,000 square feet warehouse facilitating JIT domestic distribution, 

  • JMS, our first manufacturing plant located in Qingdao, China, and

  • ITM, our second manufacturing plant exporting globally from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 

Each division has been strategically located to ride the current dynamics of international trade - IMS serving the American market face-to-face, JMS manufacturing competitively priced tarps with the extensive resources of China, and ITM in the center of Vietnam, the current mecca of mass production.   

IMS also has intricate ties with a network of Korean construction companies and partnering manufacturers that allows us to pool resources from the entire Asia and SE Asia region. As a result, we are able to provide competitively priced products and also rare, premium grade products at the same time. 



What happens when your only supplier delays shipments? You lose valuable customers. 

What happens when you deal with more than one supplier? Administrative work is doubled. 

With ITM, it's a package deal. With just one communication channel, you can take advantage of our China plant and Vietnam plant. No delayed shipments and no redundant communications. 

Transparent Sales

Profit is important, but more so is human relations. Here at ITM, we value friendship and mutually beneficial business partnership. Adhering to this corporate vision, our sales team pursues an open and transparent discourse with our clients in order to build a long lasting business relationship. 


Experienced Engineers

We have a dedicated staff of seasoned engineers overseeing the production 365 days a year. With 20 years of manufacturing know-how and product expertise, we offer products designed to meet our clients' exact needs. 

Lead by R&D 

Most PE tarpaulin manufacturers are lead by the sales team. This is somewhat natural, as the sales team is in the front line, learning first-hand what the market needs. However, this setup limits the innovative spirit of manufacturers since product development follows a step behind the current trend. 

Here at ITM, we keep R&D at the head of the wagon. Instead of following the trend and providing what the market is asking for, we look to apprehend what the market doesn't have and fill that need with research and product development. Results that reflect our drive for innovation can be viewed at our Specialty Products page. 

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